How to Minimize the Wet Zone

A wet bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places. It can become a real problem inside the home if you don’t take the proper steps to prevent it from happening. Along with a non slip floor treatment, you also should take the following safety measures in the bathroom in Gulfport Mississippi.

  1. Don’t leave your senior alone in the bathroom. The second they start to slip they can cause harm or even death.
  2. Install grab bars inside and outside of the bathroom. These break down easily and are easy to replace.
  3. Carry the phone with you while showering, bathing, or even while taking a brisk walk.
  4. Make sure that the toilet or the sink are the right height for the user.
  5. Floorgrip installed on floors of bathroom and shower or bath.
  6. Remove any throw rugs; these can be extremely dangerous.
  7. Make sure that the bathtub or shower is at proper height for the person using the bathroom.
  8. See that toilet seats have handles at waist height. A grab bar should also be present in the tub or shower.
  9. Check that water temperature is not hot enough to cause burns or sore red areas.
  10. Avoid scalding water.
  11. Keep a first-aid kit handy.

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